Video works
Arc in Light Created for Arc performance used in HIA Orbital UK tour . 1999
Equilibre Four screen installation using footage from residency at dressage center Wales. Presented at Moma Wales Y Tabernacle, Machynlleth 2003
Deep in the Forest Video narrative shot in Snowdonia in collboration with Nathan Hughes. 2001  
Aqua Shot in the backwaters of Kerela S. India used in AV presentations nationally. 2001
Live AV set Footage shot in UK and India mixed live using Arkaos VJ software and analogue mixers. Gigs nationally 2000/6
Fluxgate AV Interactive video work created for Tromso Norlys Festivalen. 16 simulatanious video clips controlled by interactive sowballs. throwing snowballs at targets 2003
Communion Creative Wales award for creation of interactive video installation, using Isadora software. Interactive sensory environment responds to movement. research and Development New York. 2003
Breath Video created for Red Earth show breath in collaboration with Caitlkin Easterby for performance with Butoh dancers in Canterbury castle. 2002
Wormcam Live video presentation using natural fora and fauna under macro lens. 2003/6  
Biosphere Live CNM Tour UK venues with Biosphere. Norway