Tredegar Chimes

Commissioned by Sustrans for the Heads of the Valleys route BrynBach Park Tredegar. S Wales.

Twelve 20ft larch poles each capped with a brass bell for a linear sound work.

Each bell is linked to a sensor placed in the road which cyclists or walkers can choose to ride over or stand on. This activates a solenoid which rings the bell for 0.5 seconds. Each bell is tuned differently. Power for the installation comes from a 75W solar panel mounted on a pole in the middle of the line.

When working on site the artist was asked constantly

Q. "Whats it for?"

A. " For fun"

The good people of Tredeagar seemed to undersatnd this lofty concept straight away. No high art pretentions are aspired to here.The sound of the bells is invariably joined by the sound of laughter and joviality.

Even the most die hard of octagenarian cynics is tempted to step on each sensor.