Selected Sound Work
Audio Sample   Date Location


  Live events, Birmingham 1998 Biswas/Butcher/Anderson/Easterby
Music Machine
Play BBC Radio 3 live recording, Birmingham 1999 Brian Duffy/Ansuman Biswas/Jony Easterby
So Bring me Down
  Stans Cafe Radio program , Birmingham 1999 Jony Easterby/ Brian Duffy
Frozen Sound
View Permanent Sound Installation, Cumbria UK 1999 Solo
Sound Track
Play Permanent Sound Installation, Ashbourne UK 2001 Mark Anderson/Jony Easterby
Natural Geographic
Play Performance installation, Various locations UK/ Norway 2001 Geir Jenssen/ Jony Easterby/Ansuman Biswas
Water Crossing
Play Performance composition, Brighton, UK 1997 Solo composition for Red Earth
Alam Halus
Play Performance composition. The Hawth, Crawley UK 1998 Solo
  Sculpture and performance, Cantalou France. 1999 Jony Easterby/ Mark Anderson
7/8 of a second
  Sculpture and performance, Mac Birmingham. 1996 Jony Easterby/ Brian Duffy
Dark Matter
  Performance composition. Brighton UK, Rhouen. France 1999 Jony Easterby/Ansuman Biswas
Play Composition for ICC millenium celebrations Birmingham.UK 2000 Solo
  Performance composition. Canterbury Festival. UK 2001 Solo
Play C.D release JAB recordings 1998 Jony Easterby/ Brian Duffy
Heights of the Depths
Play C.D release Big Chill recordings. 1999 Biosphere/ Jony Easterby
Sound Installation Gelsenkirchen GDR
2001 Geir Jenssen Jony Easterby
Fall from Light
Play Sound and light trail Aberfoyle 2002 Jony Easterby NVA Glasgow
Power Plant
View Live installation, Oxford Botanic Gardens 2005 Group Show
Samphire Tower
Play Permanent Sound Installation Dover, Kent UK 2006 Geir Jenssen/ Jony Easterby
Tredegar Bells
View Permenant Sound Installation Tredegar Gwent UK 2007 Solo
Powerplant 08
  Temporary sound installation in Liverpool Park 2008 With the Might Jungulator
Powerplant Edinburgh 09