Hopebrooke School Playground

Longhope Village, Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK 2000

Sound playground built for a new build school commissioned by Glouscetser Council as part of their percent for art programme.

Elemnets consist of

Giant Marimba. A 12 note oak Pegged annd framed instrument , with Larch keys - instrument tuned to a Pentatonic Scale. 2m long x 1.5m high.

Log Drums. Four Upright log drums, made of solid Douglas Fir, Stained and charred finish each drum 1.5-2m high.

Plum Trees. Two plywood silouette pum trees with damson wood plums. Each plum has a seperate electropnuematic sensor that triggers a sampled sound from a control box sited within the building. Speakers are built into the trunks of the trees. Kids throw bean bags and balls to trigger samplesHeight 2.5m

Shinto Tower. An Oak framed tower with suspended plywood targets for balls and bean bags. each target has a vibration trigger that allows the playback of a digital sample from a sound store within the building.

Project Co-ordinated by Leslie Greene mail: evans.greene@zetnet.co.uk>

Hopebrooke School Contact; Rrowena Brace admin@hopebrooke.gloucs.sch.uk