Invited by the Norlysfestivalen to create a sound installation for the millenium celebrations in Tromso in 2000 alongside the Norweigen composer Geir Jenssen aka Biosphere.The artists responded by creating two 7meter high spires rigged with steel plates that acted as targets. Each plate responded to the velocity of snowballs thrown by the public triggering velocity sensetive sounds stored in a sampler within the adjacent arts centre


As part of the opening ceremony of the festival in 2001 a fire ritual was created around the structures.

Initial research at the University of Tromso uncovered the 'Fluxgate magnetometer' a device used to measure mean differences in the earths magnetosphere. This was linked to an A/D converter allowing the data stream to be translated into sound in real time.


Over the following three years the installation was adapted to trigger video clips stored digitally

  The spire forms were created to echo the uplifting form of church lying behind. They also aimed to draw the eyes up the ladder to the skys and the undulating flow of the mighty Northern lights ever present in Tromso during January.pire