Enclosure Rites      

A work exploring the Landscape Achaeology and Ecology of theYorkshire Wolds

'Enclosure Rites' is the first work to be commissioned along the Wolds Way as part of the the 'Wanderer' project instigated by VHEY (Visit Hull and East Yorkshire.)

Located in The Yorkshire Wolds in The East Riding between York and Scarborough the work is sited in the corner of a field adjacent to an ancient ditch and dyke earthwork overlooking the vale of Pickering. Working with local archaeologists the artist resaerchedvarious aspects of the rich ancient cultural landscape of the area. Drawing on Bronze age barrow forms, Parisan figures, and the declining Dew pond features of the Wolds the artists have created a manifestation of archaeology alongside the creation of a rich habitat for both flora and fauna.

During this process two 3000 year old Bronze age barrow sites were discovered to the North of the proposed site.

      ponds kids and clouds      
      WIldflowers posts and completed dew pond after 8 months ..      
      Dew Pon and Posts      
      View from Barrow looking East to West over Vale of Pickering after groundworks.      
      kids and seeds      
      Weeding and reseeding with wildflowers with local schoolchildren      
      flikr image      
      Pond and wildflower meadow after 2 years      
      Side of BArrow      
      Corten Rings rammed with Chalk, Oak fence posts and gaurdian figures      
      Brrow + Posn      
      After landscape works on Barrow      
      posts and reflections      
      Posts and Pond      
      posta nd poppies      
      Posts and Naturalised Poppies      
      Poppy Field      
      Spring Poppies during excavation      
      aerial image      
      Aerial photgraph shot by Landscape Research Center showing route of Wolds Way along ditch and Dyke.      
      geo survey      
      Sub soil magnetometer surveys revealed hidden Bronze Age Barrows after design was finalised      
      west farm