7/8 of a Second



Cymatic membrane with talcum powder  
Brian Duffy mixes Hex in tennis court
One of the 8 Hex Drivers
7/8 of a Second
  1. Octaphonic Cymatic sound system - Hex.
  2. with Brian Duffy
  3. Installation of eight speaker system with intergrated Cymatic speaker drivers on bass cabinet.
  4. Specially composed audio by Brian Duffy and Jony Easterby for eight speaker diffusion running from S950 sampler + Atari sequencer.
  5. 7/8 of a Second also featured 9 other sound installations throughout Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham including installations and performance by;
  6. Mark Anderson, Paul Burwell, Max Eastley, Noisegate,Anne Bean, Peter Appleton, Oscillate sound system.
Lake performance Albion by Paul Burwell